Check out the schedule of events for the convention. (click on image to the right to download/view both pages)

Join us at the Convention – It is ‘Programmed for FUN!’

The 68NSDC Program Committee, with special efforts by our Vice Chairman of Square Dance, Patty Greene, has set up the dance schedule for you with FUN in mind.  Dance Levels and Types of Dances have been programmed to flow where you can follow your dancing desires throughout the day and night.  Care has been taken to provide you with learning experiences, including those provided by the Education Committee, followed up with opportunities to experience dances and enjoy what you have learned, while also reinforcing the lessons.  The expectations that you may have based on the time of day, how long you may have been dancing that day, and opportunities to try new dances have been incorporated into the schedule.  This is intended to help you to maximize your convention experience – it’s more than a dance!  An outline of our schedule follows so that you can be prepared for what we hope will be a superior dancing experience! 

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

Click here for a Dance Schedule Overview