It may bemuse you, or you are already aware of your grandma’s penchant for slots. This is their quick fix in casinos to get their daily dose of dopamine. Why do you witness rows of senior citizens lined up and indulging in a spin on the reels? Let us unravel the reasons for slots being the magic bullet for senior citizens.


Slots resemble a journey down the memory lane. The antediluvian days had those machines, where to spin those reels, you need to use your strength to pull the lever. At the same time, the contemporary slot machines require reduced manual exertion. They are still reminiscent of their lucky days that began with those matching symbols.



The ringing sound and gleaming lights of slots can transcend you to the extra-terrestrial. What devours a majority of senior citizens is the solitude that can be crushing, and the antidote is the amusement they encounter with the slots. In comparison, sometimes it can be anguish and remorse that facilitates a welcome repose.

Ease of Playing

Table games can be intimidating for those greying souls. When juxtaposed to them, these slots have no scrutinizing eyes to follow, and therefore there is a dearth of expectation. Another luring element is the absence of dexterity or concentration, which might be a Herculean task in your old age. So, this game is all about fun and frolic to while away time.

They are User Friendly

They are User Friendly

As your eyes get weary with age, and so does all your reflexes. You need not brood over it because of any of these matters when it comes to slots. The sounds are blaring; the pictures are vivid and shiny, and the win does not depend on your mastery, but the amorous caressing of Lady Luck is what matters.

Low Bets

As you age, people generally don’t have much extra cash to splurge. The alluring element about slots is this, and you are not required to wager colossal amounts. The existence of penny slot machines lets you indulge in bets for a paltry sum as low as a cent. Therefore, furnishing you the extravagance of fun in a cheap and convenient manner.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

The marketing by casinos has a fortified game plan that targets the older generation who revels in the luxury of time. This is calculated by the casinos and deployed as vouchers and offers to embrace more older people to make their mandatory visits to the casino.

They are Sociable

Numerous old age home’s and communities chart out fun trips to casinos for them to engage in an exciting day with their buddies. Once at their magic spot, the slot machines capture their gaze because of its straight-forward layout and swift access.


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